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The 2nd annual
viva Mexico Women's Festival

The Viva Mexico Women's Festival returned bigger and better than ever for its second annual celebration, uniting women from all walks of life to honor women of our amazing culture! Set against the vibrant backdrop of the historic mission marquee plaza, this year's festival surpassed all expectations, offering a kaleidoscope of music, food, and crafts from over 50+ women-owned small businesses, food trucks, and musical acts.

The heart of this festival beat within the engaging stage performances that took place throughout the event! Renowned #poderosa Erika Prosper Nirenberg and emcee Gabby aka @Siempresanantonio kicked off the festival by empowering our audience to appreciate the meaningful connections made today that would extend far beyond the festival grounds.

From the moment attendees stepped into the festival grounds, they were immersed in a world of artistic expression from our 40 all women-owned vendors and food trucks! The showcase of talent and creativity of local artists provided opportunities for hands-on participation, encouraging attendees to unleash their own creativity and celebrate the power of artistic expression.

Energy soared to new heights with an array of cultural performances that showcased the rich tapestry of Mexican heritage. From Ballet Folklorico dancers to mariachi music, cumbias, and comedy, attendees were treated to a day of performances that celebrated the diversity and vibrancy of Mexican culture and arts. The festival became a melting pot of traditions, where women from different backgrounds came together to honor their shared heritage.

As the sun set on the second annual Viva Mexico Women's Festival, the memories and experiences resonated in the hearts and minds of all who attended! we hope the spirit of empowerment, creativity, and solidarity will serve as a beacon of inspiration to create a more inclusive and equitable world for women everywhere.


Thank you to all performers, participants, and attendees! Join us next year as we continue to celebrate the power, resilience, and beauty of women at the Viva Mexico Women's Festival. Until then, let us carry the spirit of unity and empowerment with us, inspiring positive change in our communities and beyond!

Check out the photo recap by Prima's Photography!

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